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Information system and Technology: In Business and Healthcare

Abstract This article is about the information technology and information system. The concepts of information technology are illustrated with the help of two related topics. This articles illustrates the content of both articles and show how the information systems are being implemented in different industries. This article shows how the technology is being adopted in

GEEN 1059 Computer Aided Manufacturing

Computer Aided Manufacturing Week 23 Lecture: Basics of Part Programming Chapter Summary This lecture basically covers the Numeric Code generation that is the last part of the Computer Aided process planning. There is always a need for a control system for all the machine tools either it can be manual controlled by the human beings

Information Technology and The Five Competitive Forces

Information Technology Choose an organization with which you are familiar (or one of the case studies in the book) and analyze how IT will impact on each the five forces? Information technology has become one of the main driving force in almost every business. This has let the organizations and companies manage their business and