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International Accounting Standards

 1.  Executive Summary International Accounting Standards started in 1966 till now are being implemented in the organizations and can be considered as implications for all the organization in order to produce the financial reporting so that it can be compared with its previous reports or with the reports of the other organizations. However the implications

Customer Intelligence

Q 1. What methods would you consider using in order to obtain your customer intelligence, list and explain at least two? (In order to continue with the next question use ‘customer research survey method’ as one of the techniques) (LO4, Assessment criteria 4.1) Customer intelligence is one of the most emerging fields of marketing as

Talent Acquisition in Organization

Talent Acquisition The hiring process of an employee in the organization is a very critical process as it is directly concerned with the repute, progress, and investment and is this process is also known as Talent Acquisition. Human resource is the most valuable of any organization. The success of the organizations depends on the employees.

Research on Cyber Law MEMORENDUM

Cyber Law Cyber Law TO:                              ABC FROM:                        XYZ DATE:                        March 22, 2017 SUBJECT:                  Research on Cyber Law Background The Internet has been a new world for the people around the world who have been using it for different purposes either for recreational purposes or for businesses. It has brought a new