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GEEN 1059 Computer Aided Manufacturing Week 26 – Prototyping

Week 26 lecture CAD/CAM and Rapid Prototyping/Manufacturing(RP/M) Chapter Summary Rapid prototyping manufacturing can be considered as the next step in the manufacturing complex shapes in layer by layer manner. This process is also referred as solid free-form manufacturing, 3D printing, and direct digital manufacturing and layered manufacturing. There are many advantages of this rapid prototyping

GEEN 1059 Computer Aided Manufacturing Week 25

Week 25 Lecture: Inspection process planning and Reverse Engineering Chapter Summary In this chapter, the main focus is on the inspection planning, which is considered to be the step of the manufacturing process planning. It is implemented as Computer Aided Inspected Planning (CAIP) and is also integrated with Computer Aided Inspection (CAI). The inspection planning

GEEN 1059 Computer Aided Manufacturing Week 24

Week 24 lecture: Toolpath generation Chapter Summary In this chapter, Toolpath generation is discussed which is also the last part in the computer-aided manufacturing and is done with the NC Code Generation. In this toolpath generation, the path is designed that will be adopted by the machine tool in the formation of the object. It

GEEN 1059 Computer Aided Manufacturing

Computer Aided Manufacturing Week 23 Lecture: Basics of Part Programming Chapter Summary This lecture basically covers the Numeric Code generation that is the last part of the Computer Aided process planning. There is always a need for a control system for all the machine tools either it can be manual controlled by the human beings