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Is the hashtag increasing number of followers?

1.     Abstract The hashtag has become a famous word around the social media because of its extensive use. It has been increasing day by day as people are enjoying this amazing feature. There are some critiques as well who think that it is not an effective thing to be implemented on the social website. It

Da’wa Technology – Design Phase

1.    Introduction Islamic Da’wa Center is having to issue in communication with its targeted persons who are immigrants and have no knowledge of the language. The center is offering different courses for their welfare related to computer and Islamic education. However, the center is not getting the estimated number of attendants than expected. Moreover, the

Da’wa Technology Implementation – Website Development Project

1.     Implementation The implementation phase in Software development life cycle (SDLC) ensures that the project is implemented following the requirements mentioned in requirement and design phase. The implementation document is to show that all the modules and strategies are implemented in order to meet the requirements of the project. We have been dealing with the

Compare FLOSS Authentication SSO Systems for Web Applications

Introduction Every website or application requires users to provide their unique credentials in order to sing into their platform. There are a large number of applications and websites that most of the users use these days. In order to sign in to each website, the users will be required to remember the credentials they set