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Internship Experience Journal Entries – Healthcare and Real Estate

Internship Experience Life Healthcare group is one of the largest retail pharmacy groups that started back in 1996 and has achieved a number of awards for its excellence in products and services to the customers in the region. Its remarkable services make it stand out different from the other pharmacy retail stores. The company has

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Information system and Technology: In Business and Healthcare

Abstract This article is about the information technology and information system. The concepts of information technology are illustrated with the help of two related topics. This articles illustrates the content of both articles and show how the information systems are being implemented in different industries. This article shows how the technology is being adopted in

Virtual Reality – VR

Technologies of VR The technologies of virtual reality can be distinguished on two bases; hardware and software. The hardware and software technologies of VR are further categorized into sub-categories. Talking about hardware technologies of VR, there are four major categories: Head-Mounted Display (HMD), Binocular Omni-Oriented Monitor (BOOM), Cave Automatic Virtual Environment (CAVE) and DataGlove. HMD

Mental Illness Stigma Question Answers

Mental Illness Time and time again we think we are getting ahead when something like this gets posted (see below) then once again I begin to wonder?? Why is it that we as a society cannot overcome stigma in mental health? Mental illness is increasing with every passing day, but the people being cured of

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