Strategic Goals of Coca-Cola

1.1 Identify the strategic goals of the chosen organization and use appropriate methods to evaluate your personal skills in regards to achieving strategic goals of the chosen organization. 

The strategic goals of the company act as a roadmap for the companies that they can guide what is meant to be achieved. The goals and the missions of the companies let them identify their targets and how they can be successful in achieving them. In this regard, we will be discussing one of the top brands in the world that is Coca-Cola, and we will be focusing on the strategic goals of the company. Coca-Cola aims to transform their commercial model and divert its focus on the customer values (FESMA, 2014). On the other hand, the company also wants to implement different strategies in order to obtain more and more customer attention and eliminate market diversification. Some other strategic goals of the company involve the focus on the price strategy and the packaging so that its product could reach a maximum number of people regardless of the price. While considering myself working in the company, I would do my personal skills analysis using SWOT models. Some of my strengths are my presentation skills, good in marketing, productive in new ideas. On the other hands, my weaknesses are less exposure to a multinational company, lack of appropriate resources. Putting myself in Coca-Cola Company it would let me help the company in achieving its goals that are to give company new marketing ideas and plans so that it could attract more customers and compete with other companies. I am also good at managing the cost of production, and can better in production quite attractive but at a lower price. I will work closely with the marketing department as the company is already putting emphasis on its marketing strategies. My involvement in the department will surely add to the results.

  1.2 Based on opinions/understanding about your own self, apply suitable techniques to assess your professional skills required which can support the strategic direction of the chosen organization. 

Coca-Cola is known all around the world for its advertisement, novelty, and quality. The company has been successful for compete in the market because it kept its standards and changed according to the requirements of the time. Coca-Cola is a corporation that operates in different regions of the world with millions of employees and billion customers. The employees are working hard in order to maintain their customer base. The company requires the employees that could help it in achieving its strategic goal (Company, 2014). This would be possible by my personal skills analysis that will reveal my strengths that can be utilized within Coca-Cola in order to attain its strategic goals. I need to assess my originality and creativity skills by experimenting in the field. I will try to invest in the field that will let me know if I am good at this technique or not. If I am good at innovating things, then it will be a good additive to my skill set and adventive for the organization as well. On the other hand, I have good communication skills that I use for conveying my message and convincing others with my viewpoint. This can be done by presenting my ideas in front of other people and try to convince them as well. On the other hand, I am also good at managing teams and get the desired tasks completed in time. It will surely let the company achieve its goals within the set time and start working on the other tasks. I am also good at strategic planning, that can be used in order to achieve the company’s goal of expansion in the new regions of the world. My innovative ideas and working with full dedication to the company will be helpful as well.

 2. Conduct a skills audit to identify your current learning styles which suit best for you and apply appropriate techniques to identify preferred learning styles which suits you the best. Also, evaluate the strategic skills needed for you to meet current and feature leadership requirements.

There are different learning styles that depend on the learner that how they perceive things. There are some learners who learn best when they only listen or read. On the other hand, there are also some learners who learn well with the help of AV aids. Thirdly there are also some learners who prefer to do some sort of experiments or try things out on their own.

VLK Model

The theory that involves three styles of learning is called VLK model. V stands for visual, A for Auditory and K for Kinetic.


The visual learners mostly prefer to read or write because they find this way of learning quite easy. Visual aids also include going through different graphs and statistics.


On the other hand, the second learners are the visual learners who like to learn things by hearing things from others.


However, the third ones are kinesthetic who like to feel things by touching or experiencing.

When I audit myself about the learning style, I find out that the Visual learning style is the best for me. When I go through reading to writing then I find it convenient to get things and grasp concepts as well. This style of learning is quite effective as well when it comes to going through literature in order to know about how to compete in the market and adopt new marketing styles.

On the other hand, while considering the learning style that I want to adopt for my professional life, then it will be hard to choose only one learning style and stay stick with it. In the professional life, everyone needs to look for different ways that could impart new knowledge that can be utilized for the benefit of the company. Auditory and kinesthetic learning methods are the ones that I need to learn in order to overcome my weaknesses. Considering my role as a leader, I lack some qualities that are required. A leader should be able to motivate its team members and other managers in order to complete the assigned tasks. Leadership needs a lot of dedication and other qualities, I am to focus on the people and do the right things on time. There are the qualities of leadership that I possess however there are other qualities as well that I need to practice and overcome. Sometimes I have some experience that made me realize about my deficiencies in motivating power. It is sometimes hard to motivate my teammates and convince them to do the right thing. Coca-Cola has been doing good leadership the leadership, however, there is need of some new leadership that needs to be able to take up the responsibilities and take the decisions in the future and be responsible for that. The market trend is changing very abruptly and the company leadership faces new challenges every moment. I need to make myself prepare to make a decision at the right time while taking the whole responsibility.


3.1 Based on your answers for the AC 2.1, construct your own personal development plan that meets the requirements of leadership development.  

Leadership itself is a challenge when it comes to play the role of a leader and take the responsibility for taking decisions. I have figured out what are deficiencies in me when I consider the leadership in Coca-Cola. There is need to overcome those weaknesses and prepare me for the role of leader. I have figured out leadership development for myself. I have made use of SMART approach when I set up goals for my leadership development so that I could see myself as successful in achieving those goals. There are three phases of this development process and will continue for 6 weeks (Ryan).

First Phase

In the first phase, I will be working on different resources that I will be taking help from for improvement in my motivational skill. I will be reading different articles and books that would let me know about the procedures or practices that could help in motivational skill.

Second Phase

In the second phase of planning, I will be implementing my motivational skill within the organization, with my team members and other employees as well. It will help me in analyzing my further mistakes and weak areas that I need to work on. Moreover, I will be considering some coaching as will that will help mine in a more appropriate way.

Third Phase

After two weeks of my own training; I will join sessions that let the people who have the same deficiency. This will give me more exposure that I will be able to exhibit my skill in front of the people and in terms will be able to motivate the others in the company as well. The leadership skill is something that requires a lot of hard work and time.

 3.2 Based on your own personal development plan, use the suitable method to assess the outcomes of it against personal work objectives.

We have come across my personal development plan that how I will be overcoming the deficiencies in my personality regarding the motivational skill. This is highly required when there is need to convince the people to focus on the project and give their best in order to achieve it. There is number of ways that personal development plan will be helping my performance in the company. This will let me work well in the company and able to achieve the desired goals of the organization. The company has some of the goals set for it that are to work on marketing and attract the customers with new products. The company is known for its innovation in marketing strategies, I will be presenting different ideas and strategies that could be used in order to introduce the products in the market. On the other hand, the company will be able to achieve its other strategic goal as well, when I will be able to perform well after gaining the confidence of taking decisions. The literature that I had learned during the development plan, will surely give me new ways of doing things and new theories of marketing and planning will be available to more. Most of all I will be able to perform well in the organization as I myself learned about the time management and how to perform tasks on time while achieving the desired goals as well.

 3.3 Evaluate the impact of own learning on the achievement of strategic goals.

Coca-cola has set some of the strategic goals that it wants to achieve with the passage of time that includes the expansion program and offering low priced best products for its customers that other companies mostly fail to offer. Moreover, the company has also aimed to focus on the customer’s values rather than staying focused on the business. These goals are the most important for the company, however, these goals seem easy to achieve but are quite difficult when considered at the macro level in a corporation. The institution or the organizations can only provide a platform for learning, but till the individual does not put his own interest and determination in learning, better learning is not possible. As I already mentioned that I am not experienced about working in a corporation and experiment with different facilities, my own development plan has also taught me not to be afraid of taking risks and try new things, I will make use of all the opportunities that are available in the organization. This will also give birth to new strategies for the companies. Own learning will also help in analyzing the objectives and goals of the company and also offer different ways that how those goals can be achieved. Own learning plan gives the best learning experience and it will surely help in the achievement of the company strategic goals.



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