Operations Management at Airport

Q1. How do you understand the key functions of operation management at the airport?

The operation management in any organization is the hub for keeping the flow of activities running all the time without any disturbance. In the same way, the operation management at the airport is considered to be the one who keeps the operations in flow and order. The operation management at the airport is responsible for managing the operations in the terminal buildings and on the runways and field as well. The operation management has to take care of the operations in and out of the building. These operations within the terminal building include keeping the passengers feel comfortable with the system and make the time shorter for their operations. Moreover, the security of the terminal building is an essential duty of the managers that contains the team of more than 300 men. Moving towards the airfield side of the airport that is the most essential in terms of runways is also a crucial and important job as there is a number of flights landing and ready to take off. The operation management has to take care of the schedules for the flights that are on time and some of them that are already late due to any reasons. The airfield work can be taken as challenging every day. It can be said that all the functions within the premises of the airport are the functions of the operation management. They have to take care of how the operation should be kept on going without any disruption or delay. The operations management is also responsible for managing the functions of baggage handling, customer dealings at the terminal, in and outs, flight management and schedule handling that is managed with the help of managers who are specified for taking care of the schedules of the fleets at the airfield and runways.

Q2. Explain the key responsibilities of the operation director. What are the main issues/problems the faces in managing the airport?

As the job title or designation of the position represents that the director of the operations will be responsible for managing most of the operations at the airport. The director has the responsibility for all the operations going on that is why he has to take care or deal with most of the employees let us talk about the operation director of Birmingham International Airport operations directors as he includes that he has to deal with 500 employees out of 600 employees. The director is responsible for all the activities at the airport because he needs to know about every employee working under him. A major task for the director of operations is also the planning for the future. The planning tasks are done once in a year that decides how the operations will go on throughout the year. The planning is very important that helps in deciding how the people will get the faster response than before and improve the performance of the service. There are many challenges to the director as well like expanding the space for the airport as the number of passengers is also increasing with every passing year. Only the expansion of the space is not enough, most important is to manage the operations and the functions of the terminals and airfields. Taking all these considerations in the notice, the director has to plan everything and put things in order. If there is any problem in the operations or the functions at the airport then the director will be responsible, this makes the job of the director 24 hours a day because he has to be answerable for any mishap at the airport either it is related to operations or the security issues.

Q3. Discuss the relationships between the day-to-day tasks and the long-term issues and explain how Richard manages to oversee both at the same time?

There are different kinds of tasks going to the airport that need to be managed on daily basis and annual basis as well. There are certain issues in day to day tasks as well that are caused because of some loopholes in the annual planning of the operation management. The day to day tasks includes managing the airfield that mostly sees the problem because of the delayed flights and the flights on time have to face problems. On the other hand, there are many other issues going on a daily basis. The day to day operations includes providing best services to the travelers. On the other ensuring the security of the airport is also one of the important tasks the operation director is responsible for. These tasks need to be managed on the daily basis. The director has to manage the security and ensure that the tasks are going on as designed even if he is not present at that time. However talking about the long-term problems, they are caused because of the increasing number of the passengers traveling through the airport. Looking at the increasing rate of the passengers, it seems that the number will move up to 1 million passengers in the coming years that ask for the expansion of the airport with the estimated budget of 15 Million Pounds. These challenges are quite difficult and need to be managed in an efficient way. Richard claims that he is managing the day to day tasks by keeping in coordination with the team of almost 600 employees from the different departments. This keeps the operation in a manner and about the long-term planning, he is capable of facing those challenges with the help of a change in the numbers of the passengers and amount.

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