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Smartphone – Marketing Plan for New Product Launch


UAE is at the third number of the country using smartphones. The company has developed smartphones to launch in UAE market in order to make its significance in the market. The high-end smartphone is Smart X having 4.7-inch 1080p resolution screen that will give a great display quality to the customers. This model contains 1.7 Quad-core processor and has 2 GB of RAM with 8 GB ROM. This smartphone has Android as the operating system that is quite user-friendly and accepted by the huge number of customers as well. The smartphone has some also got a touchpad on the back of smartphone so that the user can operate the phone single handed. The touch on the back can be operated with the finger to navigate through different screens. This smartphone is the competitor with other high-end devices like S3 and HTC One.


The company has set the price of the device for only $250, that is much less than the other smartphones with the same specifications and fewer features. The company has set this price too low so that it can capture the market at the start and let the customers feel relaxed in trying out our smartphone. This smartphone is much better than other smartphones in the market, however, the less price with same specifications and higher features will surely bring new customers who will try our products and refer it to others as well. Another reason for setting this price is that people living in UAE can easily afford a smartphone because an estimate according to a report shows that people in UAE spend DH 3000 per year for gadgets.


It is very important to make a promotion strategy for our smartphone in the new market, where customers are bound to other brands. The company has planned to show teasers of the smartphones on different billboards with like, “Is your phone really SMART?” The same teasers will be broadcasted on TV. Internet marketing is also very important, the same teasers will be advertised over the internet on different social media websites, blogs, and other famous websites. IN week with this teaser, people will be eager to know what is coming up, then the complete advertisement of a smartphone with its features, specifications, and price will be aired on all the channels.


The company is also going to put more emphasis on the packaging of the smartphone that the customer could feel that he has spent his money on the right smartphone. The packaging will include a well-designed box with complete manuals containing information about the usage of smartphones. It will surely attract customers.


The company has planned to contact mobile connection companies in UAE to promote the smartphone, and the company will be offering them %10 share in the sale price of each of smartphone. This offer will also let them show their interest in selling the smartphone and the company will surely get the customers.

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