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Global Marketing – Coca-Cola, Google, and Burger King

Global Marketing

Why are infomercials, sponsorship, and product placement growing in importance for global marketers? Name three companies that have successfully used direct mail or other forms of direct-response advertising.

 An infomercial is considered to be the type of a television commercial or program however it is quite long covering the complete description about the product, with its usage moreover, the viewers of infomercials are also given different offers at that time. The viewers are much attracted with complete description of the product being broadcasted on national TV or cable, and it also attracts the retailers in the market as well. The retailers are of the view that the infomercials will surely attract the customers and they will look for the same product in the market. The infomercial is usually of 28:30 minutes in length and is divided into four different segments that are features of the product, benefits of using the product, moreover the testimonials of the products with the interviews of the customers who have been benefited with the usage of the product. Sometimes it is also considered to be a type of direct marketing being broadcasting over the TV channels. Despite the nature of the infomercials, they are doing great business in different regions of the world. Infomercials have been quite successful in the USA and New Zealand, and now in Asia, it is also generating millions of dollars of revenue per year. It has attracted a number of customers to try the products and the infomercials have been successful even they have been broadcasted when there is less number of viewers.


On the other hand, sponsorship is another form of marketing that is helpful in order to attract the targeted market without any fear of losing. It can be considered to support either it can be financially or morally when it comes to representing the organization in order to achieve the specific goals. It can be considered to be a way to achieve the goals with the financial help that has been looking for it. The sponsorship helps the organization achieve their goals even more efficiently. That is why the organizations are also looking for the sponsorship of well-known events in the global market, and that is why the global marketers are giving importance to this kind of marketing. For example, sponsorship in big events like in Olympics can make you reach a maximum number of people who will be attracted towards the organization. On the other hand, it is also useful in the countries where the advertisement is on limited domains of fields. For example, there is a restriction on the advertisement of tobacco in China, however, Philip Morris is doing it by sponsoring the car rally in Beijing called Hong King-Beijing car rally. Sponsorship can be beneficial for the company in a number of ways that are like enhancing the image, driving sales, creating positive publicity, enhancing business communications, differentiating from competitors and helping with good corporate citizen role. The companies are always looking for the way that can enhance and improve its image in the eyes of the targeted audience and customers, when the customers see the company is sponsoring different events in the world then it has a positive impact on the customers that the organization is also playing its part in the society as well. Coca-Cola has always been proving its part in by sponsoring such events and showing support for the people and the society. In some cases, the sponsorship can be helpful for the company in increasing the sales of the company like offering some sort of charity. For example, IEG sponsoring Olympics donated money to support the team and it increased the sales of the company. In the same way, American Express increased its sales by starting its Charge Against Hunger campaign.

Product placement is another form of direct marketing that is being adopted by the global marketers to show the products without interrupting the viewers. In this marketing, the products are displayed on the screen being used by the characters rather than showing a commercial during the show. This type of marketing is quite attractive as well. It is attractive as some famous actors are shown using the products of a specific brand, and their fans also go to use the products of the same brand, in this way it is direct marketing and has been attracting a number of viewers to try out those products. Looking at these three marketing techniques, they refer to the direct marketing and are attracting the customers to buy their products and refer to others as well may be in a different may. Infomercials that had been considered to be a wrong form of advertisement is also producing million dollar business, a sponsorship that is world famous and product placement are being watched by the huge number of viewers that is why the global marketers prefer to use these marketing techniques.

We have talked about the direct mail marketing strategies that are used by the different organizations and companies around the world. It depends on the organization that what kind of marketing technique depending upon the type of business and the targeted audience. The direct marketing is the direct communication with the targeted customer and the customers often find it valuable as they do not have to compare the products and services being offered to them because of their busy life and less time for these tasks. In this way, the customers sometimes also feel privileged as well. Here we will be talking about the three companies who have utilized the direct mail successful and attracted number of customers. The direct mail is mostly helpful in attracting customers by letting them to know about the new promotions and offers for the customers. It seems to be some sort of weird to adopt direct mail for marketing, however some of IT giant companies like Google is also using direct mail technique thinking that there will be some of the people who do not have the computer or the internet connection. The direct mail is best way to let the people aware of the products and promotion that the company is offering because there are chances that the people will not be able to find those promotions over the internet.

Google the IT giant is still using the direct mail in order to market its new services and products to the customers. The company uses the direct mail service to offer different promotions to the business and companies. Sometimes it also offers coupons for the advertisement concession. Google also uses the direct mail in order to introduce the company about how Google can help it advertise over the internet. However Google offers its services and promotions to its users. Google has the power to track the users as well so it uses the email addresses of the companies to keep a track of the consumers.  Google has been providing the advertisement service over its giant search engine that almost every internet user uses it daily, till Google believes in direct mailing technique as it establishes a link between the customer and the company. It makes the customer aware of the services that the company is offering because the internet users may also miss to have a look at the advertisement, however the direct mail the customer or the viewer will have a look what is in the mail or post card. In this way he may come to know about the services being provided and the coupon in it may also attract it to purchase the services as well.

Burger King is a fast food chain restaurant with huge number of customers and dominance in the market and has captured most of the market with the quality and service of its food. However it still uses the direct mail marketing in order to attract the customers to come again by offering them different coupons and sending them by direct mail. The free coupon for Burger King lets the people in the locality to visit the restaurant again and it is helpful in increasing sales as well. There are other options as well through with the company is offering discount coupons like from its website and mobile applications, however the company still uses direct mail to send coupons to the address of the people who have obtained that discount coupon. Sometimes customers are also rewarded with coupons when they fill out forms on different locations and events, then the coupons are sent to them via direct mail.

Mead Johnson is the third company who is using the direct mail technique in order to attract more and more new customers in order to capture the market share and make loyal customers. The company is famous for producing the products for the families and one of the most famous product of the company is Enfamil that is meant for babies. The company uses the direct mail in order to offer the customers their product at discounted price that they can avail by using the coupon and the customers who are mostly busy are attracted by such products. The company is attracting more and more new customers by introducing their products and how it can be useful for their families, in addition to it also sending the discount coupons.



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