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Internship Experience Journal Entries – Healthcare and Real Estate

Internship Experience

Life Healthcare group is one of the largest retail pharmacy groups that started back in 1996 and has achieved a number of awards for its excellence in products and services to the customers in the region. Its remarkable services make it stand out different from the other pharmacy retail stores. The company has focused on providing the best health services to its customers and has a large customer’s base with about 5 million walk-ins per year. It shows that the company has produced a trust in the customers with its flawless services in the field of retail pharmacy and medical health as well. It has also started a new trend of drive-through pharmacy services in the region that was not introduced in the past by anyone. I joined the company for my internship on 20th April 2014 and worked in two different departments of the company that was the real estate and the other was the human resource department. I worked in the head office located in Al-Barsha Dubai. The internship was for the 6 weeks duration in which I had to perform some specific tasks in order to get to know about the operations and management of the company.

Week 1

On the first day of my internship, I was given a full description of my internship program and the duties that I will be performing during this 6 weeks program. It was very inspiring for me to start my career and get the experience from such organization that has been providing health services to millions of people and helping them in saving their lives. The internship program showed me that first three weeks I will be working in the human resource department. The first task that I was assigned was to work on the recruitment policy of the company and understand the whole process as well. On the very first day, I was enthusiastic and started to look over the whole process of recruitment. The process started with the specifications of the job requirements and the formulation of the job duties required for the specific position. Then the next step was the job was to be announced on different portals like the newspaper or official website of the company or social media. The next step was the filtration of the received resumes for the job and calls the candidates for interview.  Once the whole study of the recruitment process of the company was completed, the next task that I was assigned to prepare the job description for a job position in the company. It was a challenging task for me as I was new in this organization and department. I was to produce the job description for Data Entry Operator and publish it as well. I consulted my seniors in the office and the specific department where data entry operator was required so that I could come to know the qualities that an operator should possess. Once this process was complete I put down all the requirements and prepared a job advertisement containing job descriptions, duties, and all other required details. In this week I also learned how to handle the tasks alone and take decisions.

Week 2

With the start of the second week, I was assigned a new task that was to examine the safety of the business environment to ensure the safety of the employees working in the organization. This task was also promising as it involves the safety of the employees. I started to look for the safety of the company that how it is handling and what precautions it is taking. The safety policy of the organization is up to the mark and follows the OSHA standards as well. The company not only provides services and products to the customers only but also ensures that the employees are working under the controlled and safe environment where they can work with full intention. After finishing the review of the safety of the business environment, the second task assigned in the second week of my internship was to put forward some suggestions and also report any issues if found related to the safety and security of the employees. Working on the safety of the business environment I was able to put forward some suggestions regarding making the environment more comfortable and relaxing for employees so that they can give their best. In this week I was able to learn only the output of the employees is not important but to provide them with a safe and secure environment is also important. It added more to my knowledge that the performance of the employees depends on the comfort level of employee.

Week 3

The third week in the human resource department of life healthcare was quite interesting and challenging as well. However, this week was full of learning. The company meant to organize a training session for the employees as new software was to be implemented in the company. I was asked to organize the whole training sessions for three days. It was quite challenging for me as I was to take care of the whole event and talk to the authorities as well. However, first I contacted the organization who developed the new software and arranged dates for the training session as well. It was not all; I was also designated to arrange the whole event as well. I coordinated with the event manager in the company and made arrangements for the training sessions. This task gave me self-confidence and power to make decisions. This task also showed me how to interact with the other organizations and how to manage events for organizations.

Week 4

After the completion of my three weeks in the human resource department in the Life healthcare, I was shifted to complete my internship in the real estate department on the company. This department was a complete opposite in nature as compared to the human resource department as it was concerned with the matter of allocation of new spaces for the expansion of the company rather than managing the operations or the employees of the company. In this department, the manager of real estate guided me about how the operations are done in this department and what will be my tasks. Like I was asked by HR department to conduct a study on the human resource department, the same task was assigned in real estate department as well. In the first week, I was asked to learn about how the company grew and how the real estate department has helped the company in the selection of appropriate places for the drug retail stores and the hospitals for the convenience of the customers. The study of the documentation related to the real estate department showed what things should be considered while looking for a suitable place for a medicine retail store. Moreover, the discussions with the seniors were also carried out as a better understanding of the concepts. In the first week, I came to know that things are considered by the department when they look for a location for retails store.

Week 5

In the fifth week, I was given a task to find out the appropriate location for opening a new franchise for the retail store. Again it was a challenging task for me because I have never been doing such kind of task earlier. Till now I was quite sure and confident that I will be able to do this task as well as last time I was able to make decisions and handle situations as well. I started looking for the places where there were less medicine retail stores. After the search of three days, I was able to find a location that was best suitable for the company drug store as there were very little drug stores and they provided very little range of medicine. I prepared a complete documentation which showed the reasons for the selection of the place. This was not all, I also prepared the progress projection reports that supported the selection of the place as well for the opening of the retail store. I considered all the point and the guidelines that the company uses for the selection of the appropriate location. By the end of the week, I was able to present the report to the manager. This task like the other ones added to my knowledge that how the organization prepares for the selection of an appropriate place for their new retail store. Moreover, it added to my knowledge that how one should think while getting into such situations.

Week 6

In the last week of my internship, the manager asked me to prepare more for the project I have been working on the selection of location. This time the task was to convince the higher management that the place I had selected was the exact one the company wanted. For this purpose, I was supposed to prepare a presentation and present it at the board meeting. This was a huge task for me as I had to present my work in front of the management including the directors and also convince them. It meant I had to focus even on the minor details as well. I searched more the points that would support my decisions and prepared charts and expected progress and growth rate at that location. Finally, on the day of the presentation, I was able to present my point in front of management and proved myself that my decision was right about the selection.

The whole 6-week internship program was one of the best professional experience that I could have got in my life. Before joining the internship program, I also thought of getting to know who to apply the knowledge I have gained in the real and professional life. It was always a charm for me that when I will be able to apply the knowledge that I have been learning. I wanted to take decisions independently and solely. Moreover, I also wanted to learn something that I had never understood during my education at the college. This internship helped a lot in achieving all the goals that I had set in my mind. I wanted to work in the human resource department and get to know how things are done. My seniors at the company helped me a lot in achieving my goals. I learned a lot how to handle different situations and take responsibility. This internship at the company let me practice my knowledge and skills that showed me my caliber and weaknesses as well. I will work on my weak point and learned a lot from my work. I have realized that some things are clearly understood when done in the professional life. I will surely utilize what I learned here and it showed me how to work in the organization and utilize the knowledge.

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