Google Corporate Culture and Organizational Objectives


Explain how models of organization culture can be used to achieve organizational objectives.

Every organization has a culture that is mostly different from the cultures of other organizations like Google. The organizational culture may be different in every organization depending upon the nature of the businesses or type of processing being done (Grimsley, 2014). However, the organizational culture is directly related to the performance of the employees in different aspects. It is right to say that if the employees of the organization abide by the organizational culture, then they will be performing very well in order to achieve the organizational objectives. Human resources are the main force of every organization that works in order to achieve the goals and objectives of the organization. There are different cultures in different organizations, some cultures are weak and some are strong that depends on how the employees of the organization take the culture. There is a relation between the impacts of the organizational culture on the achievement of organizational goal. This relation was revealed by Denison who collected the data from more than 34 firms based in America and found out that organization with the strong culture were able to achieve the organizational objectives more efficiently as compared to those organizations who had weak organizational culture. A strong culture in the organization is considered to be driving force for its employees that enforces a sense of confidence in the employees and they can perform well and take appropriate decisions. This gives the freedom to the employees to taking decisions and also evacuates stress and pressure from the employees. This surely increases the performance and the employees who comply with the organizational culture are also able to take decisions accordingly in order to obtain the organizational objectives (Morrow, 2009). On the other hand in a weak organizational culture where the employees have a low influence of the culture will not be able to take the decisions according to the rules of organization and the organizational objectives will not be met.

Explain the difference between organizational and national culture.

The difference between the organizational culture and the national culture is based on the different concepts that are also related to each other in some points. In order to understand the difference between them, it is important to understand those concepts as well. The organizational culture means that how an organization is performing its operations and how it is running. It includes all the processes and the functionality of the organization. On the other hand, the national culture is totally different that includes the values of a nation that may extend to their food, dress, language, morality and other concepts related to it. The national culture has shared meanings that are experienced within the nation while on the other hand, the organizational culture has shared behaviors that are expected to exhibit while they are performing their job (Judeh, 2013). The national culture has mostly unconditional relations, while the organizational culture has mostly conditional relations that are because of the job duties that they have to interact with each other for the completion of some specified task. The people within the national culture are born in it, while the people in the organizational culture are not born in it but have socialized themselves with that specific cultural values. The other difference between these two is that the people in the national culture are totally immersed in while in the organizational culture it is totally different. The organizational culture is result oriented while the national culture is only related to the processes going on. The results in the organizational cultures do not matter. The organizational cultures prefer to the closed communication as compared to the open communication in national culture (Denison, 1996). The culture of the organization should match with the national culture where the organization is meant to set up.

Analyze the corporate cultural profile in an organization.

The success of an organization mostly relies on its own culture. The corporations that have been running for decades and have been making process are because of their stronghold over the corporate culture that lets its employees share the same values as well. In this regard, we will be talking about one of the leading information technology corporations in the world that is Google. The corporation has been focused about its culture that is constructive in its nature and has been letting its employees explore their inner capabilities and think out of the box and take a decision considering the rules set by the organization that mostly let the employees take a risk and try to do what they believe in. the organization has adopted achievement and self-actualizing styles of the corporate cultures that let the employees be more innovative and work with their maximum capabilities. The employees in the organization are allowed to take moderate risks and are able to think of time and plan as well. It also brings enthusiasm in the employees that they have got the freedom to utilize their abilities and comply with their thinking and ideas. Google also prefers a self-actualizing culture that let the employees also communicate their ideas with the seniors and ways to deploy their ideas. The corporate culture of Google shares values with the employees and ensure their safety with the elimination of any kind of harassment to the employees on the basis of region, religion, race or anything that could make the employees inferior. In the same way, the employee shares the same values that the culture provides them and it makes the strong influence of the culture on its employees.

Discuss the impact of an organization’s corporate culture in achieving its objectives.

Google is considered the giant of Information Technology world because of innovation in its field and has been surviving in the market because of its differentiation advantage that the other companies are not able to compete with it. However, there are certain reasons behind the success of any organization. We have already discussed that there is the great impact of the organization’s culture on the achievement of its objectives. The culture of Google is constructive in every aspect that lets the employees provide a space to explore their ideas and put them into implementation. If the employees are not given space to share their ideas then it will bring a sense of fear in them and they will be afraid to take risks, while Google lets the employees take risks. This gives rise to new innovative technologies and lets the organization meet its goals as well. Google has also adopted the involvement strategy in its culture which means the employees are involved in setting the objectives for the organization and it also motivates them as well. The employees feel confident and motivated as well and work to meet the objectives of the organization. Google also believes in the consistency of its corporate culture and believes that without consistency the achievement of certain objectives for the organization is not possible. There is also an adaptable aspect of the culture of Google that relieves the employees of committing mistakes. There is the absence of autocratic culture where the employees are punished for their mistakes. Lastly, Google also promotes the concept of shared vision with its employees and considering them as a part of the vision is motivating them. All these aspects affect the performance of the employees that are the main force for achieving the objectives of the organization.

Evaluate the existing internal and external climate of your chosen organization?

The internal and external climate of the organization has a direct impact on the performance and achievements of the organization. The organization needs to have close look both these climates in order to compete with others. The internal climate of Google is about the management of the organization including organizing, planning, leading and controlling of the operations. The management of Google is quite impressive as these activities are carried out quite efficiently and effectively. The internal climate of the organization is very strong and makes the completion of tasks successful.  Google management shares the visions and objectives of the organization with the employees and also let the planning done with them as well. The operations of the organization are also controlled by the authorities that are meant to be monitoring all the operations of the organization. The employees at Google are also hard working and performing their duties well thinking about the achievement of goals of the organization. The employees are motivated and hard working (Rodrigo, 2012). Considering the external climate of Google then we have a number of competitors that have been working to move ahead with the organization. The other factors of the external environment are the technical factors, political and sociological. Google is well aware of its competitors and has been doing a competitive analysis in order to analyze its strengths and weaknesses with other organizations. The organization has also been looking for the technology changes and adapting them as well. Google is well aware of the socio-economic factors regarding providing services and products to its customers all over the world. Google has maintained a good balance internal and external climate for being successful and competing in the market.

Recommend ways to improve the corporate climate in your chosen organization.

Looking at the internal environment of Google, it seems that it has been performing quite well in its domain. The organization has been successful in maintaining the appropriate corporate culture that influences on its employees and follows the rules as well. The employees in the organization are allowed to communicate with others as well in a very unprofessional way. This shows that the organization wants the employees to share their ideas without any hesitation because it knows the values of the idea. The working routine of the employees is also very impressive as the organization is simply task-oriented. The employees are assigned a task and it’s their duty to complete the task within the time. There is no restriction on employees that they should be working all the time during their office hours. It gives them full freedom of their own selves and they put their best for the completion of the assigned task. There is need to put more emphasis on the communication between the employees and the management of the organization. There is also need to improve the ethical behavior in the organization. There are times when the employees need to take a decision on time without consulting with the seniors, for this purpose the employees should be empowered in some domains so that they can take decisions (Dave, 2012). On the other hand, the employees should be also communicated about the vision and strategy and make them part of that strategy as well. It will help the organization in achieving the objectives of the organization as well.

Propose a framework of organizational values that meet the specific strategic and operational needs of your chosen organization.

The organizational values are quite important in the corporate culture as they define the freedom of the employee in the workplace. The performance of the employees is also affected by the organizational values when they do not meet the requirements of the employees. It does not mean that everything should be provided to the employee what they want but it means that they should be ensured about the working environment about their physical security and a better environment to work in. Considering Google we have a framework that should be implemented in the organization. As it is a multinational company with people working from the different regions of the world. So it is important that each individual must be shared same values regardless of his race or religion. It will help in the creation of a healthy environment that the people will be able to communicate with each other and share ideas as well. This framework will also include the treatment of our customers. There is need of proper training of the employees when they need to encounter with the customers and offer our products or services. The customers are the real asset of the organization so they must be treated as well and provided with the satisfactory services. The framework should also help the employees that how they will be able to achieve the organizational goals and objectives. There should be aware of their duties and a way that can help in achieving the organizational goals.

Identify internal and external stakeholders of your chosen organization

Anyone who is directly or indirectly linked to the services or products of the organization is considered to be a stakeholder. However there are two types of the stakeholders in any organization, one is the internal stakeholders and the other is the external stakeholders. The internal stakeholders of Google are Employees, company officials, owners, and shareholders. On the other hand, the external stakeholders are activists, Google users, competitors, agencies using data and the businesses that use Google. There are more than 30,000 employees of Google and are the internal stakeholders of the organization. The company officials and the management are qualified professionals who have deep knowledge about the technologies and about the changing technology in the world (Morrow, 2009). The owners and their families are also directly linked to the organization performance. The internal stakeholder of the organization is always looking for the ways that the organization could make more and more progress as it will bring benefit to them as well. The internal stakeholders are affected by the performance of the organization. On the other hand, the external stakeholders of Google are the one who is either promoting or protesting against Google. They may be doing this in order to get the attention of the organization. Every user who is using the products of the organization either it is Gmail or its operating system is the external stakeholder. The satisfaction of external stakeholder of the organization is very important as they are the ones who will be using the products of the organization.

Discuss your organization’s existing communication strategies and evaluate their effectiveness?

The communication with the stakeholders of the organization is very important either they are the internal stakeholders or the external stakeholders. It is important as it reduces the gaps between the stakeholders and the organization and provides new ways for betterment and innovations. Google has been very active in this regard. While considering the communication with the internal stakeholders of the organization including employees and the management, the communication is very effective. The employees are communicated regularly about the new objectives and aims of the organization. Moreover, they have also shared the vision of the organization.  The shareholders are also kept in touch as they are also the internal stakeholders of the organization. Moving towards the external stakeholders of the organization, Google is more active as they are the driving force that will be using the products of the organization and generating revenue. The organization has been communicating regularly with them in order to make them aware of some new products or any updated feature in the existing products or services using emails (Edwards, 2011). On the other hand, the organizations that have been using the products of Google are also the stakeholders of the organization are also kept in the loop and communicated via emails. The company has also tried to communicate with the stakeholders with the help of advertisement on different website portals. This regular communication has let the organization to gather more and more consumers that are also generating revenue for the organization. On the other hand, there is also an increase in the internal stakeholders of the organization who have been purchasing shares. If the organization has been a week in communicating with internal and external stakeholders, then it would not have gained so much success.

The course discussed how communication strategies at the stakeholder level contribute greatly to an organization’s cultural climate.   Review each of those strategies understands them.  Develop new communication strategies for stakeholders of your chosen organization that address differences in belief, values, customs, and language

We have seen that Google has been very effective in maintaining its communication with the stakeholders either they are internal or external. The company knows the importance of the communication and is putting efforts to maintain a relationship with its stakeholders. We have seen that Google has been communicating with its customer’s through email and advertisement on the internet. There is need to bring something new that would bring the customer even more close to the organization. The email or the promotional letters that are sent to the customers or users are in the English language. Which shows the organization may not be able to deliver its message to people whose first language is not English. In this regard, the organization should try to send the promotional letters to the user according to their first language. This can be done in a very useful manner that is by the process of filtration. The user’s location or the country should be collected and then filtered. The people living in different regions should get the promotional letters in the native language of the user. In the same way, more and more posters and broachers should be distributed among the people so that they also become aware of the services that organization is offering (Denison, 1996). It will also avoid a discrimination within the users of its products. It will also send a message to the users or the stakeholders that are you very important to us and we have been working to make services better for you.


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