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Information system and Technology: In Business and Healthcare


This article is about the information technology and information system. The concepts of information technology are illustrated with the help of two related topics. This articles illustrates the content of both articles and show how the information systems are being implemented in different industries. This article shows how the technology is being adopted in different industries and what its outcomes are.


The information technology as we know is the system that accepts the real-life data, processes it and provides output to us for further use that either is used by the management to take decisions for the organizations. It is considered to be the combination of hardware, software and some other peripheral devices that combine up to make the information technology. As the time is passing and the trends in the market are changing, it is need of all the organizations and companies to change their business processes to keep pace with the changing time. This is the age of information technology, so adoption of information technology is essential for all the organization (Sharma, 2015). The organizations do not adopt the information technology only as a factor of time but also it necessary as it increases the production and efficiency of the company.  Information technology has become the root of almost all of the business, because it helps the organizations keep a record of all the data and the figures, moreover it also gives foresight before taking important decisions. The companies have implemented the information technology as in the present age, information has become the most valuable asset (kumar, 2014). The information systems are being developed and implemented in most of the organization so that the information can be handled in the most efficient way and can be retrieved for its best possible usage. In other words, it can be said that the information is stored by the information system and retrieved later on so when there is need to look at the information and make decisions. If the information is not available to the managers or the decision makers at that time, then there will be no use of such information. We have taken two articles about the information systems and technology, that show how the information systems developed by the technology are being implemented and in which fields they are providing their services.

First Article

In the first article, there is the clear application of the information technology in different fields of life mostly are related to the business application. The information technology is one of the most growing and adaptable trends in the market. It is because the recent world is depending on the information technology to a greater extent. There are some of the advantages that it has provided in our lives. Information technology is basically meant for the storage of the data and information that the companies and organizations like to keep in an organized manner. Information technology is the best solution for such kind of tasks, as it makes the storage of data and information efficient and easy to retrieve when required.  It is being used to manage from small to enterprise businesses in an efficient manner. There is a number of ways in which the information technology is helping the businesses to manage the information. The first thing that the information technology provides is the storage capability, and it can store all kinds of data and information for an as long time as the companies want to (Richard, 2015). The data or information can be sale report, sales forecast report, and annual income report. The information technology has also provided a basis for the development of the application that is required for the solution of specific problems. The second advantage of the information technology is that it provides the companies a chance to expose themselves to a large number of audience with the help of its existence on the internet. The internet is available everywhere and most of the people like to use it. The information technology provides the companies chances to advertise their products and services they are providing at a very low cost compared to the commercials on the televisions.

The third best thing that the information technology facilitate us with is the access to the unlimited information from all over the world. Through the advent and adoption of the internet, the world has gathered in a very small place that can be accessed within few minutes. All kinds of information related to business or market are available on the internet and it can be accessed with the help of internet.

The information technology also provided the best means of communication with the people all around the world at a very low cost, opening new horizon of communication and interaction for people looking for new business markets. The e-mail and the other social networks allow the companies to market themselves in the global market and get to reach the possible maximum number of people. On the other hand, the second article not only describes the need for the information system in the healthcare but also shows its impact that how it will benefit the industry.

This article is merely about how the information technology has provided us with a number of facilities that have been supportive of the businesses in different ways. The business either small or large, prefer to make use of information technology for better results and efficiency because of aforementioned benefits. The article can be said in common sense to be very linear in its approach as most of the people of this age understand that how the information technology is being implemented everywhere. It does not provide deep knowledge or the relevance of the topic with some industry. It talks about everything in general and the things that are mostly known to everyone.

Second Article

The second article is about how the information systems are implemented in different organizations specifically in the healthcare industry. All the healthcare institutes in the past had maintained the record of all kinds of activities going on within the vicinity like medical history of the patients, prescriptions of the doctors and the medication recommended to the patients. However there are certain changes within the hospitals now and it is because of the implementation of the information technology that provides a complete information system solution to keep the records in the best order (Ngafeeson, 2015). The patient records were kept on the papers and racked into the files, however, that practice has been replaced with the entry of the same information into the information system. The record that was of people was limited in access: to the persons within the hospital only. The information system stores information on a central server and can be accessed from different locations as well. It makes the information to be available to more number of healthcare personnel’s. There are other benefits of the implementation of information system in the healthcare industry as well. The information or the record of the patients that had been used to cure the patients, is now being for research purposes to find out the cure for the other diseases by conducting tests and researchers. It is because all of the information is available on one portal and that can be acquired in the form that it was stored in. this system also enables the patients to view their medical records from the online websites developed by the healthcare facilities. These are all the benefits of the information’s systems that show how the information technology has revolutionized the industries.

The writer also discusses that how the information is stored in the system and what steps are taken in order to ensure the security of such sensitive information that is accessible to an only limited number of people. The data on the healthcare center is entered into the database and is then sent over the network for preservation. The information stored in this practice is totally encrypted so that no unauthorized person can get access to that information.  Despite the above said that how the information systems are managing the information within the healthcare facility, there other benefits and opportunities of the information system in the healthcare industry. This has let the medical treatments to be more praises as the doctor can get even better results with the help of accurate calculations. This practice is cost saving as well because there are very less space and staff required to maintain the information of the medical patients.  It also results in the production of better services to the patients. There are some of the disadvantages of information system in the healthcare; one of the main drawbacks is that this implementation is lacking as compared to the information system in the other industries. There is need to bring maturity in the healthcare information system as it has covered a lot of its deficiencies and proved a positive addition to the medical field. The doctors and researchers have been benefiting from this advent as they have access to more data they want for their research and produce useful results that can be further used in the medications.

This article provides detailed knowledge about the information systems and more specifically to one field of healthcare. This article is a complete package in terms of the topic, its scope, and challenges to the implementation.

Reason for choosing these articles

These both the articles are related to each other in a unique way and best for this assignment. The reason behind this amalgamation is that the first article is in general about the information technology and its application in different industries mostly related to the business. This article gives the general idea of the need and importance of the information systems and technology in today’s market. The article is quite well as it gives the idea that how information technology is helping the businesses to grow and keep pace with the ever-changing market as it is need of the time. This also gives the readers an insight that how they can make use of information technology in different aspects, even in order to communicate or to do business. On the other hand, the second article gives a detailed knowledge that how the information system benefits the organization in maintaining the information and using it after retrieval. Moreover, the second article shows that the information technology is only being used for the making money or the organizations to grow, but it is also helping the human race is getting the better medical facilities and better treatments that were not possible without the implementation of such information systems. The second article clearly depicts that how the information systems are implemented and what are its deficiencies in the system. It also includes the opportunities in this field with the help of introduction of information technology.



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