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McAfee antivirus

McAfee antivirus is the first antivirus program ever introduced in computer market in order to keep the computer running without any interruption by the viruses. It sold around 1 million copies for its first antivirus. Now it has been acquired by Intel and now has been renamed as Intel Security. Intel decided to remove the name McAfee from the company but kept the logo with it in order to associate with the company and its products. McAfee offers different security products for personal computers, mobiles and server devices covering consumer products, business products, SaaS products, Data Centers and Network security hardware appliances. These products also cover firewalls, anti-spyware, anti-malware, anti-spam, Wi-Fi protection and parental controls.

Intel Security formerly McAfee comes at different prices for different devices and different services range for each device. It starts from $26 per license. The price of license also depends on the functionality of the product offered by the company, Endpoint Protection Essentials for SMB starts from 26$ while Endpoint Protection-Advanced starts from 81.58$. Antivirus program Inter Security is available for Windows and Mac OS and can be installed on them. The company has its focus on mobile security as well and has produced for mobile named as McAfee Mobile Security.

McAfee antivirus was developed by John McAfee who worked in many organizations as a software developer while working at Lockheed he received a copy of Brain virus and started working on the development of a program that could combat the virus. He launched his company named as McAfee associates in 1987 that was a company relevant to computer anti-virus software. He left his job and started working full time in his own company and when the company was incorporated in Delaware in 1992, he resigned from the company in 1994. Later after few years, the company went public. Later in 2010 Intel bought McAfee and decided to maintain the brand name till 2014. After the year Intel decided to name McAfee as Intel Security.

McAfee antivirus also is known as part of Intel security is aimed to provide the users the ability to use the internet and shop without any danger of getting attacked by viruses or malware. If the users install McAfee All Access, McAfee Total Protection, McAfee Internet Security and McAfee AntiVirus Plus then they will be able to enjoy protection from malware and spyware and also the firewall that keep the computer free from viruses. It also offers protection for mobile devices, Anti-theft, and app protection for mobile devices and Android tablets. These protections were for consumers, moreover, it also offers protection program for Businesses as well. Some of the features provided for businesses are network security, comprehensive system, endpoint protection, database security, cloud security and data protection. There is also complete security solution that can offer IPS (Intrusion Prevention System) and SIEM (McAfee, 2016). There are other products as well like SIEM, McAfee Threat Intelligence Exchange that alarms the system about the advanced targeted attacks.

McAfee offers a complete range of computer protection from different threats to the security of information and computer systems; either they are for consumers or for businesses.

In order to implement cybersecurity, it is important to define information security and risk management regime; it is possible by establishing a culture of risk management in the organization that it can be part of the business not an afterthought. McAfee Foundstone Strategic Consulting Service is adopted as a part of strategic security engagement. Another way to establish cybersecurity in organization another strategy that can be adopted in securing system configuration management strategy. McAfee offers adoption of this strategy by the following products; McAfee Vulnerability Manager and McAfee Policy Auditor. These products offer configuration monitoring through McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator. There are other products relevant to configuration management strategy that can scan applications and systems. The anti-malware strategy is also important for the cybersecurity. McAfee offers a complete solution for software and application security that will ensure cyber security as well.

McAfee has scored accurate rating in anti-phishing and anti-spamming and helps in protecting all devices covering Windows, Mac, Android, iPhone. Its password manager also offers multifactor authentication and many more other advantages. However it has one disadvantage that is a firewall is not fully protected and there is a very limited parental control on OS support while on iOS it is very limited (Rubenking, 2015).

McAfee anti-virus has been a best suitable security suite for personal use and businesses as well. It has been quite efficient in covering most of the devices either they are computers or mobile devices. It also provides security from threats and attacks.


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