Da’wa Technology – Design Phase

1.    Introduction

Islamic Da’wa Center is having to issue in communication with its targeted persons who are immigrants and have no knowledge of the language. The center is offering different courses for their welfare related to computer and Islamic education. However, the center is not getting the estimated number of attendants than expected. Moreover, the people who are not aware of technology and such other communication channels, so they face problems in communicating with the center. The same problem is faced by the center because they are unable to deliver their message to such immigrants. The only solution is by the introduction of a website for the center that can enable communication.

We are designing a project that will help the center in solving their issues. In the previous documents “Da’wa Technology Website – Specification Document”, we were able to find out the basic reasons for issues that center is facing at the time. On the other hand, there were some proposed methods as well that will let them mitigate those issues or to lessen them to some extent. For this purpose, the center also thought of making a new course for such immigrants and other people who are intending to learn to programme. Da’wa Technology is such a project that will let people learn the basic concepts of computer programming by attending video lectures or playing games online.

It is a good initiative from the center however the basic hurdle still stays that is communicating its message to intended people. This program is not limited to only immigrants but also for everyone who has the desire to learn computer programming. This project will also help the center in reaching more and more immigrants who are not aware of services being provided for them. Some of the immigrants visit the center who get a message from the vicinity. The issue is not resolved only with the implementation and launching of a website. The main issue is to reach a maximum number of people about programs that are being introduced by Islamic Da’wa Center.

The existence will be enhanced with a different website, however, the purpose to reach people and make them aware about the center is done with the help of Search Engine Optimization (SEO). It seems different from the project for center however it is part of the project. It will help people became aware of Da’wa Technology project with the help of search engine and its presence on social media and articles that will be published online. It will not increase awareness about the center within days however it will surely show positive results as time will pass.

In this paper, we will be discussing the design of the product that will be implemented in order to solve the problem that center is facing. It will involve how the product is going to work in order to mitigate the issues or to lessen them to some extent.

2.    Product Design

The user interface of the website should be very simple and easy so that everyone could easily get the idea where to navigate. The user interface is very important aspect while developing a website as to attract more and more users so that they find the website easy to use for the specific purpose. As Da’wa technology product website will contain a limited number of menu items and simple page interface that will contain only a few images related to seminars and courses offered by Da’wa Center.

The main page of home page of Da’wa center will have a header with the logo of Islamic Da’wa Center and nothing more. Below header, there should be a menu bar that will contain menu items in order to navigate through different pages. The menu items will be Welcome, Sign Up and Software Programming. All these menu items will navigate to different pages on the website. Like Welcome page is the homepage of the website while Sign Up page is for those who are new to the website and want to register for the course who need to learn or join courses being offered by the center. The third menu item that is software programming it will navigate to programming lectures or game that gives some basic concept of how programming is done.

3.    Welcome Page

This page will contain few lines describing the purpose of this website and how the users or visitors will be able to get benefits of it. Next to it should be a link to the main website of Islamic Da’wa center showing the original source of this website.

Following the above procedures, the welcome page will display a slider of pictures that will be showing different planned activities by Islamic Da’wa Center. The purpose of showing these pictures is to make visitors aware of their activities that they are performing and letting others learn as well. After the slider, there should be two videos embedded as well that the visitors can play and have more deep knowledge about the center. The videos may be related to anything like the environment of center or anything like introductory video. These two videos will give more introduction to the center and aware them how the center is playing its part in helping immigrants in gaining knowledge and space in society.

The website of Da’wa Technology also offers a comments section at the end of the welcome page that will allow visitors to post what they feel about organization and website. It will work like a feedback for the center as concerned will get an email of comments posted by visitors. The purpose of this comment section is that the organization will come to know about its errors and mitigate them as well. It will also help in knowing what more can be added to the functionality.

4.    Sign Up Page

The Sign Up Page for Da’wa Technology website is not meant for registering and becoming a permanent member of the website. It performs dual functionalities for the website. The first that it will perform is to make people aware of activities that will be performed by the center. All the related information will be displayed on this page related to the specific activity. Every activity being displayed will contain the following question

  • What’re the events?
  • When will it be?
  • Where will this happen?
  • How do I join?

This page will not contain only one activity but it will display all the activities that center is planning to perform in coming future. However, there will be certain criteria for posting or displaying each activity. First, the aforementioned questions will be posted for each activity displaying name of event or activity its date, place and how to register for that activity. After providing all relevant information then will come registration form for each activity. It is because each activity will require different information and criteria in order to decide either the applicant is eligible for activity or not.

The forms and information related to activity or event will be managed by the administrator. This provides a great facility to everyone that they need not visit Islamic Da’wa Center in order to register for some specific activity or to inquire if there is any activity they are planning in future. All the users have to do is just to visit the website and come to know about events coming in near future. Moreover, they can also sign up for that specific activity or event of their own choice.

The above form is quite different from the one that we discussed last as the events are totally different from each other. It is to clarify that the registration forms will be designed according to requirements of activity or upcoming event. There is no single form that can be used to sign up. For example, if someone is interested in signing up for computer learning program then the form should also contain fields that are relevant to computer information like the diploma or courses that candidate has attended in past. It is not possible that everyone has to fill out the same form for different events or activities. It will also bring those immigrants closer and aware that what events or activates are being planned by the center. They will also be able to sign up for those activates and they will not have to come to the center. Even word of mouth will work in this domain as people in surrounding will inform those immigrants.

5.    Software Programming

The third page on Da’wa Technology website is for software programming or we can say that for those people who are interested in learning concepts of programming. When the user will move its cursor to Software Programming menu then more thee submenu items will be displayed Level 1, Level 2 and Level 3.  When the user clicks on software programming menu then a page is displayed with a block separated into two parts left side is a description and the right side is an image. In the same block, there is description given that this area is only for members or who have already signed up for this course. On the other hand, if you are not a member then you can join it by clicking on Join Here.

As we discussed in our specification documents that if the user does not have an account for the specific course being offered online then first he will have to register himself then he will be able to attend the course. The same thing is implemented here. It is stated here that this software programming area is only for those who are already registered for Da’wa Science and Technology Club. In order to ease users so that they do not have to navigate to other pages if they want to register themselves with course, the form is given at the bottom of the page. The user will have to fill up that form and click submit button.

On the other hand, if the user has already registered with the course then he will not have to register again but he will go to Level 1 and start software programming.

6.    Level 1

Level 1 page of software programming is a description of programming course that how it will teach users about programming. There are two parts of this software programming Level 1 page. The first part is a slider that demonstrates what kind of programming will look like. There will be blocks of code to be executed. Below this description with the help of picture slider is about the website that is offering these course. Da’wa Technology has integrated that programming practice of lectures on the website so that the members of the website will be able to learn to programme on the same platform.

There is Start Here button when users click on this button then they will be redirected to the website of Code.org where they will be shown tutorials and exercises related to programming concepts with the help of Angry Birds Game. These games and practices will guide the users of the website to learn basics of programming. The users will not be taught about coding or how to write code but basic concepts that how coding is done. They will just have to drag and drop the block that contains code written in them. There are 20 levels of this programming game concept, once the user will clear all those levels he will be awarded a certificate upon completion. The certificate is to be shown to the instructor in order to move forward on level 2 or level 3 of software programming.

7.    Level 2

Level 2 page of software programming is not related to programming lessons or exercises but it is related to show the importance to the member to sign up with the website. Once they users will signup they will be assigned username and password with which they will be able to login to the server and check their emails.

This section was specially designed in order to mitigate issues related to communication with the immigrants and other participants. However, the immigrants who are not aware of using websites or do not know how to access or check their emails, the center will have to organize a fundamental computer course that will let them help in using computers. This course should only consist of teaching them how to use computer systems and check their email. It is because all the schedules and announcements will be forwarded to every member via their emails. If the users do not have their email or do not know how to check email there will be no use of such announcements. Once the immigrants will be able to check their emails and other such people will get training about using computer systems they will be able to get notified about upcoming events and activities being introduced by Islamic Da’wa Technology.

However, for the ease of users who are not aware of how they will be able to check their emails, there is a slider that is presented at bottom of the page explaining that how the users will check their emails. It is a good tutorial with simple images that will guide throughout the process in order to check emails and calendars being managed by the administrators.

There are total 8 slides on this page starting from the user’s not even try to remember the address of the website for navigating email server but write it on Google. It is quite easy as not everyone will have to memorize the complete address of email server but he will have to just navigate Google because most of the people are aware of the search engine. The user will just type ipage email and the first result is the link to the website. Once the user clicks on this link he is taken to page where he needs to enter username and password that was assigned by website at the time of sign up form. Once the user will provide those credentials he will be directed to the email account on the server where he will be able to manage his calendars as well and make an appointment with teachers or administration at Da’wa Center. It will, however, make the process quite easy as it is the best way so that everyone can communicate easily. The communication is the key solution to the problems center is facing.

8.    Level 3

Level 3 page of software programming is actually related to the teaching of a programming language. This page first describes the content that is what language they are going to learn in what ways. There are two ways that are presented to the users. One way is that they watch the video and get to know how to do programming in Python and the second way is by joining the courses that contain step by step guide.

Here are complete requirements that how the product will work and it will provide ease to the users for accessing the website and courses, “Da’wa Technology Website – Detailed Design”

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