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Research on Cyber Law MEMORENDUM

Cyber Law

Cyber Law

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DATE:                        March 22, 2017

SUBJECT:                  Research on Cyber Law


The Internet has been a new world for the people around the world who have been using it for different purposes either for recreational purposes or for businesses. It has brought a new evolution in the everyday process in around 2 decades and the process is still continued. As the number of users of the internet is increasing it is calling for more and more security practices that can ensure confidentiality of personal information people accessing it. The hackers are working to find new ways to get access to restricted information of any organization either government or private so that they can sell it to other company. Here comes the role of cyber law that can ensure the safety and security of information for organizations.

Cyber Attacks and Cyber Law

One of the recent attacks on computer systems is ransomware that encrypts all the important documents even if you have saved them using compression software and then hackers ask for money to decrypt your documents. The changing face of the internet has also been able to implement cyber laws to protect the user’s information and convict the hackers who have been using illegal practices to extract information or do fraudulent transactions. Companies are dealing and signing contracts online that is implicating few legal issues as the digital documents can be forged as well and sent from untraceable IP address. E sign can confirm that the customer and the seller have totally agreed to the terms of business and the ways of possible transactions. However in some cases court will be able to decide either e sign are accurate or not, by considering the provided guidelines for e sign (Law).

Cyber torts are serious cybercrime that is affecting most of the people on the internet in various ways. It is not a single entity but it comprises of harassment, cyberstalking, defamation, identity theft, phishing, email spoofing and a lot more (PSU, 2010). Cyberstalking starts form tracking the activities of the users over the internet following person’s social media activities. Cyberstalking is easy these days as the hackers are able to get access to person’s computer and extracting secret information like credentials for emails and social network profiles. The hackers use such information to defame the user or blackmail to gain personal interests. It is a serious offense and can lead the people to jail or some other penalty.

Identity theft is another form of cyber tort in which sensitive personal information of the user is extracted and is used for fraudulent purposes like making an online purchase or getting access to medical records. The hackers use different ways to extract such sensitive information like social engineering by calling the user on the phone and pretending to be calling from some bank or company.  Phishing is a way of getting credentials or other personal information from the user using website that looks like exactly the official website of some bank or organizations. The interface of these websites is just like the original one, but the information provided is sent to hacker’s database where he will get access to all the information like username, password and will be able to perform a transaction as well (Raccine, 2017).

Email spoofing is another form of cybercrime, where the email looks like coming from some authentic source and redirecting the user to an imitated website where they will be asked for personal information. There have been various cases where the people involved in any kind of serious offense over the internet are punished as well regardless of their age.

Cyber Hacking Case

A 12-year-old girl in Washington was punished for cyberstalking for community detention for one month. It was an alarming situation for all the hackers who have been involved in such activities for stalking people over the internet and defaming people on the social network. The convicted girl hacked the Facebook account of her class fellow Lastly and posted sexual content on her profile and invited boys to her house as well (RIPARBELLI, 2011).

My Opinion

It was kind of serious offense where the convicted girl sent the private message to boys as well. The court ruling was quite clear that it was able to take cyberstalking as a serious offense that was meant to defame a person over the internet. It also gave a message to the society that the people should be well aware of the cyber law.

The cyber law is there for long but there is one issue with it. The internet is free and accessible to every part of the world regardless the geographical location of the user; however, the cyber law is not the same for every country. Even the cyber law change from the estate to the estate that lets the hackers a gateway to commit a crime and get a clear way out. In the aforementioned case, it is an identification that how the laws can be applicable to some parts of the country.

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