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Flying Flowers Case Study

How does Flying Flowers add value?

Flying flowers have been doing business in the region for many years and has attracted a huge number of customers in England because of its best services and its unbeatable price in the market. The customers are always attracted to the products in the market that are available at lower price. The trend of the market changes and the prices are lowered when the competition increases in the market. Once the competition increases and different people are offering lower prices than the customers goes to the one who is providing the quality of the product as well. However, it takes time to capture the market and offer unbeatable price as no one can compete with you. It also depends on the business strategy that how the business is being run by the owners and the administrations. It also lets the strategies to keep on changing with the changing demands and needs of the customers in the market. The ones who do not cope with the change in the market often face heavy losses. Talking about Flying Flowers, it is offering best prices to the customers and it is because of its business strategy. Any organization who is offering low price than everyone in the market is because he is producing the product at a lower price as well. There is no organization who will be offering low price by making a loss or selling its products at a lower price than its production price. However, there is need to know how the company is offering the lower price of delivering the flowers at the doorsteps of the customers. In this way, it surely adds values to the customers, that is why it has got the database of more than one million people.

The main reason that Flying Flowers has got a huge number of customers is that it is providing the fresh flowers being delivered to the doorstep of the customers at a lower price. The whole game of low price starts from the beginning. The customers are only concerned with the quality of the product and the price. The customers are never concerned from the origin of the product, in this case, flowers. Flying Flower buys cheap flowers from the countries like Columbia. If the company has to set up its own nursery then it will have to invest huge amount on first buying some land for this purpose, they have an investment in infrastructure. Then it will add the cost of horticulture. The investment does not end here, the company will have to hire special staff for this purpose who will take care of the nursery and some specialized persons as well. It will add a lot to the expenses of the company that it will have to bear every month and huge investment as well. The company prefers to buy cheap flowers from countries because the customers only want the good quality flower that is enough for the customers, moreover the customer is much satisfied when it receives fresh flowers at its doorstep.

Now the next thing that adds value to the customers is just mentioned that is the delivery of the fresh flowers on the doorstep. For this purpose, the company has also taken a cheap and affordable strategy to deliver the flowers. If the company delivers the flowers by using the services of a courier, then it will surely increase the cost to the company and secondly, there are chances that the customer will not get the fresh flowers. The other option to deliver the fresh flowers available to Flying Flowers is that it hires staff for this purpose. The company takes this work done with the staff of restaurants and hires them on a temporary basis on lower wages for delivering the flowers. It is also a notable act that attracts the customers that they are getting fresh flowers at lower prices and in due time. It again reduces the operating cost of the company that let the company offer the lower prices to the customer and make the business with the company again.

Another aspect that reduces the cost of the boxes is managed by the company as it keeps on producing the boxes for flowers throughout the year in its specific place, on the other hand, if the company had to purchase these boxes from other company, it will increase the operating price and will affect the price being offered to the customers.

What is the nature of its strategic position?

The strategic positioning of the company in the market ensures that the strategic capabilities of the organization are able to meet the success factors of the customers and the market. It is very simple to understand that the strategic position of the company is defined by the customer’s satisfaction with the services and products being provided. The strategic resources of the company are further divided into two categories that are the core competencies and the core capabilities. The core competencies of the company define the resources that the company requires and is important for the business as it will increase the performance and help in increasing the customer’s satisfaction. On the other hand, the core capabilities of the company defined how the company is operating with the help of its resources to ensure that the customers are met with the requirements and they are doing their best in fulfilling this demand.

Looking at the core competencies of Flying Flowers, it is eminent that company has implemented the IT in its organization and is taking full advantage of this to attain the customer satisfaction and providing them with the best of services and the quality. It keeps track of all the orders and complains of the customers so that they can be resolved as soon as possible and the customer does not have to face the problem. It firms the belief and trust of the customer on the company more and more, and they prefer to buy flowers from the company. The Flying Flowers is taking the best advantage of its core competencies in order to make its relationship with the customer stronger and make the bond even tight. On the other hand that is necessary for maintaining the customers happy, the company is also making use of its core capabilities that are how it is doing business and offering the best price fresh flowers in the market and operating in different regions successfully. The appropriate use of the strategic resources helps the company to attain the success factor and the strategic position in the market. Flying Flowers has been successful in attaining the strategic position by attaining the satisfaction and trust of the customer with providing the best quality product in time with a lower price in the market. Flying Flowers has a strong strategic position in the market and it makes it more preferable to the customers and helps the company to capture market share and compete with others in the market.

Did the acquisitions make sense in relation to its competencies and capabilities?

Flying Flowers has got the acquisition of new businesses as well. One of the business is related to the flying flowers business domain that is Gardening direct. This business was related to the delivery of the gardening products to the doorstep of the customers. The acquisition of Gardening direct add a new dimension to the Flying Flowers and it can now attract more and more customers who are looking for the gardening products. It has added a new expansion to the existing business with huge customer loyalty and trust. The customers who were doing business with the company on some special events will also continue to shopping without events as well. On the other hand, the company has also got acquisition of Stanley Gibbons that was dealing with the stamps and publishing businesses. This business seems a bit different from the business domain of Flying Flowers, how it can be seen as a separate business that was acquired by Flying Flowers. However, the acquisition by the company is clearly speaking about the progress that it is making and expanding its business in the field of horticulture. Flying Flowers is still considered to be the best flowering company as it has captured so much trust of the customers with price and quality, that it will be hard for a new company to compete. And now with the acquisition of the new companies, it has opened its new ways to stay in the market and offer more products to the customers that no other company is providing mainly delivering flowers and the gardening products as well. This new dimension in its business has given the company a chance to explore new dimensions of the business and letting it grow in the domain as well.

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