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Character Analysis: Christian Bale (Film Analysis)

Christian Bale

Film Response: Students will watch one of the movies listed below, paying careful attention to one of the actor’s listed. After watching the film the student will then choose an actor/film from the Film Response # 1 or 2 list (that you did not write about before) and also watch that film. The objective is to compose a paper comparing and contrasting the two actor’s acting style, believability and physicality. You can do some brief cited research on the actors training if you’d like but it’s not necessary. The important thing is to focus on what similarities or differences you see in each actor by watching each film. Did you believe or prefer one actor (Christian Bale) to the other?

Make sure you choose two movies you’ve never seen and that your own response to the two actors in each film is apparent in the paper. Minimum word requirement is 600 to 750 words, but feel free to expand if needed. Again, if research is used cite all sources!


American Psycho

Christian Bale is known for his best preparation for a role when he signs a movie. His role in the movie as Patrick Bateman has been one of his remark performances where he truly depicts himself as a rich psychopath viewing the world from a different perceptive and trying to be the best amongst the people around him. His soulful performance does not let us love his character despite his amazing acting, but he maintains the balance by presenting himself as a loathsome character. He has always been truthful about his acting character, as he admitted that he has got inspiration from Tom Cruise. Bale was able to spellbind its audience despite the fact that he was advised not to act as a villain in a movie as it might be a career killer for him.

Christian Bale is UK based actor but as to represent the character he practiced the American accent even on the sets and presented himself as an American person. He has the capability to prepare for different English accent as it is part of character building for the role. Looking at Christian Bale in the shoes of Patrick Bateman let us admire his acting and dedication to fulfill the character as a serial killer. His facial expressions and body language have been a sign of his inner conflict where he pretends to be the best amongst the people and also wants to kill them in order to be the best.

American Hustle (2013)

Christian Bale as discussed earlier can go to any limit to get into the real presence of a character has done an unexpected transformation of his body for his role in American Hustle where he gained 43lbs. I have seen him in American Psycho where he had got great body shape in order to look great and found of wearing fancy suits. In contrast, he gained weight to present himself as 70’s conman. He took the challenge and ate anything that came his way. This is not enough that could satisfy him in getting into actual character, he shaved off his head so that he can show conman wearing a toupee to hide his bald head.

Apart from his body transformation for the character, his performance in this movie is also tremendous where he truly shows a conman who is confident enough to cheat people but scared as well of being caught by the cops. He has balanced both the expressions in each situation, where he was confident enough to cheat people. In this movie, he also maintained his American accent to assure the audience that he is a true depiction of an American con man. The great thing about his performance in this movie was that he was well aware of his weaknesses; whenever something relevant to his weakness was discussed he was able to show both sides; fear and confidence.

Character Analysis in Both Movies

Considering both movies he has worked in does not present him to be a hero or a lovable character, but he is seen as presenting negative personalities in American culture. However what I believe is his acting in American Psycho was better than in American hustle regardless of his body transformation. He acted very well and watching 5 minutes of American Psycho it was imminent that he is a psychopath or having some mental issues. The way his character is developed in the movie and revealed in different phases of the movie was indicating that how his inner conflict is becoming unstable and he was not much aware of his cover in order to get his excitement from killing people.

But the remarkable thing about the actor in both movies is that he did not make me realize about his original ethnicity as he was so perfect in presenting himself as American. His proved to be the true actor who is not afraid of any health issues that more focused on performance and acting. He can get himself into any character as he was able to lose 63lbs weight to get into the character of The Machinist, despite the fact that doctors warned of serious health consequences.

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