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Change in Organisational Routines Case Study

Using the examples above. explain why changes in routines might help achieve strategic change?

Change is the essential requirement for any organization. If the organization does not bring changes in its operations and functions, then the organization seems to be lacking qualities to move and sustain in the market. As change is required for the successful business because the requirements of the customers keep on changing causing new changes in the market. In the same way, change in the organizational routine is very important. It can bring about major changes in the organization and performance of the employees working for long under the same organizational routine. As there is a change in the organizational routine, it can be useful in causing a change in the strategy and functional areas of the organization. It is known that the change in the organization’s routine is important, however, the employee mostly finds this change as resilient and find it difficult in the new routines. It is because they are used to the old routine and find themselves comfortable in it. However, they are unaware of the fact that doing the same job will make them bore and they will not be able to learn about other operations in the organization. The change in the organization’s routine is not only important for the organization but also for the employees working within it. The employees find it challenging to cope with the new routine and adjust to it. They get time again to settle into the new routine, however, they are unaware of the fact that the new routine will help them in increasing their performance as well.

There are a number of examples that we can consider on how the change in the organization’s routine can be helpful in driving change in the organization. Like in the first example, chief executive of the store was only focused on the accounts of the store. All he cared about was the cash flow of the store, he had no link and attention towards the customers and the staff working in the store. It showed somewhat like the chief executive was only dedicated towards the cash flow but not on how the store is being run, how the employees are managing the workload and how they are treating the customers. It was the routine of the chief executive to come to the store and then leave after checking the accounts. However when he was informed about his change in routine that he should be in communication with the staff of the store in order to know how they are managing the store, if there are any issues they are facing or how the store can be successful. It was like having a meeting with the staff regarding the overall performance of the store. However this was not enough, the chief executive also indulged with the customers asking for their feedback for their shopping experience and if they have any complaints or issues at the store. This change in routine received so overwhelming response that it was considered to bring a change in the strategic management of the store and make it mandatory to communicate with the staff and the customers. It helped in the renewal of the strategy and new values were added as considering the opinion and feedback of customer very important. It also increased the performance of the stores and people enjoyed their shopping in the store. This is how the change in the organization’s routine can have a positive impact.

Another example of organization’s routine is in the field of medical and pharmacy. It was the policy that the company will not be able to advertise the medicine until it fulfills some of the basic requirements. The basic requirements for the pharmaceutical included a collection of the extensive data that was quite a time-consuming task and also required a huge investment. The next step was to write a report about the collected data and also present why that was collected. In this way, a lot of unwanted data was also collected to be refined later, however, time and money were wasted on the collection of such unwanted data. The companies needed a better way that could let them away from their routine to fulfill the requirements. For this purpose, some of the companies started ideal claims and on that basis, they got the report they wanted. In this process a lot of effort was saved as then the company collected the data as they were near to the production of the medicine. This helped them in obtaining the data that was specific to their research and much better than the old routine for collecting data. This change in the organization’s routine had a positive impact on the organization’s practice and caused a change in strategic management of the pharmaceutical companies.

Extend the list of examples in the illustration by suggesting routines that might be changed in order to effect change in some organization, with which you are familiar.

The need for change in organization’s routine is important for many organizations. It is not only limited to one industry or some specific field. I will talk about the routine of a software house. First I will describe how the operations and routines are running in the software house. There are basically three departments in software house one is sales, other is marketing and the third one is the development department. The sales department performs the duty of bidding on projects and it is the duty of sale department to get the project. The issue here is that the sales department is not aware of types of the projects they are bidding. On the other hand, they are also not aware if they have resources to accomplish those projects or not. Now talking about the other department that is the marketing one, the marketing department is meant for communication with the client. The marketing department gives the demo of the project and asks for further requirements or changes in them. Now talking about the third department that is development, they are always in a rush because the sales team is busy doing their job that is getting the project and they are not concerned about the number of resources in the development team. It causes a burden on the development team and they are unable to give their performance because they are busy doing 2-3 projects at a time. Moreover, they are unable to complete the projects by the given deadline. On the other hand, the development team is not allowed to communicate with the client, if there is any query related to the project, then the development team will ask the marketing team to communicate with the client and then ask the relevant question. This is the routine of the software house that is causing damages to the image of the software house.

There is need to bring a change in the organization’s routine. This can be done that the development team should be involved with the sales team and the marketing team. When the sales team is about to bid on a project, then they should first communicate with the development team and ask them if they have resources to develop this project. On the other hand, the development team should also be allowed to communicate with the client, because in this field there are some queries that are needed to be answered by the developer. When this new routine was applied in the software house a lot of problems were solved. The performance of the development team was also improved and they were able to work on the projects efficiently. On the other hand, the requirements were are clear when the developers communicated with the client. This is how the change in the organization’s routine can have a positive impact on the performance of the employees. It will have a positive impact on the performance of the software house as well.

The organization’s routines are directly related to the strategies of the organizations. When there is a change in the routine then the strategy and the functioning of the organization also changes in order to fulfill the requirements of the strategic plan.

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